When the concept to create a new Tzeddaka was broached, we knew we would have to answer the question ‘What makes us different?’ The answer is quite compelling and is no doubt why our Tzeddaka has taken such a prominent place in the homes of the great Rabbanim who help us run it. 

With so many charitable organizations operating in Israel we noticed that there was a certain needy audience that was not getting the help they deserved- those who are too proud to take. There is a whole class of prominent families living among their neighbors as though all is fine and dandy while realistically they have nothing to eat. These people sit down to a Shabbos meal and instead of getting fish and meat they are left to eat two roles for the entire family. 

They are too embarrassed to take a handout or get a box of food delivered to their door late on a Thursday night- so they go hungry. It is these families whom we felt could use the boost we can provide them to stay on their feet and out of debt. 

The task of getting money to someone who is not asking for a handout is not a simple one. Originally we wanted to give each family vouchers to local supermarkets. This was rejected out of fear that someone might come to realize the families’ situation. Next we wanted to set up accounts by select merchants wherein we would pay the accounts designated for the families we assist. This idea was nixed by the Rabbanim overseeing our organization because even the merchants could not know who was needy- this was against our principle. 

Finally we decided to give the money through the Rabbanim who knew the families and their situations personally. We have utilized various community Rabbis who give it as though it was from their own pockets or through a boss who gives his employee a ‘raise’. It is this that sets us apart from other worthy organizations- the ones we give to and the manner in which we give it. 

Our families will never truly know where the money they carry around comes from or who thought of them in their time of need. Only we know that you were the one who felt compelled to reach out and touch someone’s life forever.



I strongly urge that all who can join in this Mitzvah Chasuvah and contribute generously and regularly. I am confident that being Mishatef in this endeavour will bring Bracha and Hatzlacha in one\'s home.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits Shlita



The name behind our organization and the one benefiting from all that is done in his name is Mr. Moshe Yitzchak Hakohen Austein z’l. Morris Austein, as he was affectionately known to friends and family was a giving man who never let an opportunity to do good for others pass him by. His charity started at home where he supported his family and ensured - along with his wife Susie – that they be raised in the Torah way. His generosity was apparent to all who crossed his threshold by the way he would serve his guests with dignity and pride. He would never want to come onto others for help in any way, yet he was always ready to lend a hand whenever it was needed.

It is our wish that all charitable endeavors accomplished by this organization be a source of pride and pleasure as we continue emulating his giving ways. We dedicate all that we do to elevating his Neshama in Shamayim.

May Moshiach come in our days so that we may witness the day when organizations like ours will no longer be needed and we may observe Mr. Austein continue his holy work in the Beis Hamikdash!

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